Black History Month – Black Artists in Columbus

Columbus, Ohio loves art and those who make it.  Murals are on the sides of buildings  along High Street downtown, the first Saturday of each month they have the gallery hop where the art galleries and surrounding shops and restaurants stay open longer, and in parks and other public areas there are beautiful and interesting statues and sculptures.

As this is Black History Month, I want to share with you four of the wonderful and so very talented black artists from Columbus that I have had the good fortune to meet and see their amazing art.

April Sunami

April is a mixed media painter and was one of the artists featured in the  I, Too, Sing America: The Harlem Renaissance at 100 art show at the Sherrie Art Gallery in Columbus.  Her art has you not only admiring it but also wanting to touch it as her works are three dimensional and multi-textured.  I did ask before I touched… very very gently.

April Sunami Mixed Media Artist

April’s next show – She Knows Who She Is: April Sunami and David Butler –  will open at the King arts complex in Columbus on March 12th running until May 16th.  Visit the Experience Columbus page for more details about the She Knows Who She Is show.  Visit her website at April Sunami.

Terry Norman

Terry is a fantastic artist that works predominately in charcoal and pastels.  His portrait of Richard Pryor, which was turned into a wall mural on High Street in the Short North area of Columbus, has been a popular spot for selfies.  It definitely stopped me in my tracks when I first saw it.  Pryor’s son even made an appearance with the artist in front of the mural.  As of this article it was still on display near 685 North High Street but it may or may not still be there.

Terry with his drawing of Barack Obama.

Terry Norman charcoal artist

Terry will be the featured artist at the Department of Natural Resources in Columbus in May and will also be a featured artist at the 12th annual Sole Celebration; an event that combines shoe fashion and fundraising to help women rise above their circumstances (like homelessness, unemployment, etc.) to achieve greatness.  Visit their website for more about In Christy’s Shoes – Sole Celebration.   See more of his work on his Instagram page @TNorm10 .  He also does commissioned drawings.  Contact him at

Debbie Jackson

Debbie works in polymer clay making beautiful wearable art.  Some of her jewelry is for sale at the National Museum of African American History and culture in Washington, DC.  She retired from the Columbus Cultural Art Center where she taught art classes for 20 years and has since been making her jewelry full time.  For more of her wearable art visit her webpage at Debbies Adornments. 

Debbie Jackson polymer clay artist

Orisha Don Nnani

Don is a Nigerian born Ohio based artist who creates such beautiful paintings.  His artistry started as a hobby when he was a child where he painted friends, family and girls he was crushing on.  It has since grown into much more compelling and thought provoking works.  He calls his genre of art Afrofuturisim.

For more of his work visit his website  Orisha Nnani. 

Orisha Don Durant painter artist Ohio

Art definitely makes Columbus!









9 thoughts on “Black History Month – Black Artists in Columbus

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  2. Fabulous that you showcased them! Bravo my friend!

    My brother is an artist that’s pretty well known in NW Pennsylvania… he would applaud you as well for showcasing them!


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